AN APPLICATION to use a West End flat as a multiple occupancy home has been rejected by Glasgow City Council.

Planning permission was being sought to use the Woodlands Road flat to house four individuals.

The floorplan includes four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and no living room. There is no off-street parking at the property, which is across from the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

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Woodlands and Park Community Council put forward an objection to the application.

The council listed reasons for the refusal, which included: “Due to its location in Woodlands, where there is a high concentration of flats in multiple occupancy, the proposed use of the flat as a Housing for Multiple Occupancy (HMO) would be detrimental to the residential amenity of its surroundings.

“The proposed HMO would not have an individual access to a lit street but would be accessed by a communal close and stair shared with mainstream residential flats to the detriment of their residential amenity.”