A THIEF stole a mobile phone from a woman resting on a bench on Argyle Street then immediately stole from a charity shop.

Amanda McGhee's crimes were detailed in Glasgow Sheriff Court where she appeared for sentencing.

Around 10am on July 21 last year the victim was in Glasgow city centre sitting on a bench on Argyle Street when she was approached by McGhee and a male companion.

They spoke to the victim and asked her for money.

At the same time, two people who were on Argyle Street noticed the victim was being spoken to.

Fiscal depute Ryan Watson told the court: "The approached to ensure that all was in order."

After a few words were exchanged, McGhee and the man with her walked away.

The passers-by took the victim to a nearby shop to make sure she had all her belongings and she realised her mobile phone was missing.

Shortly afterwards, around 10.05am, a shop worker in the nearby British Heart Foundation charity shop on Trongate saw McGhee come into the shop.

The 45-year-old picked up a t-shirt and placed it under her left arm then walked out of the shop without paying for it.

McGhee, of East Kilbride, was traced not long after by police officers.

She was found to be in possession of the mobile phone.

The top she had stolen was valued at £4 and was returned to the charity store.

McGhee's defence brief said: "The property was recovered in full, undamaged.

"She was under the influence of Valium on top of alcohol and has very little recollection of events.

"She lives alone and has some support from the Red Cross and is currently clean and stable on methadone."

Sheriff Diana McConnell said McGhee has a "pretty appalling record".

She added: "Notwithstanding the phone was recovered very quickly after you stole it, it must have been very distressing for the owner of the phone.

"You then go into a charity shop and steal an ite,."

McGhee dodged jail but was placed on a compulsory supervision order for 12 months.

She was also tagged for 40 days and ordered to stay at home between 8pm and 7am.