I ALMOST spat out my low-fat January dinner when watching The Chase last week.

(For anyone unfamiliar, The Chase is a TV quiz show broadcast on ITV and hosted by Bradley Walsh during which contestants play against a professional quizzer, known as the "chaser", who attempts to prevent them from winning a cash prize.)

Anyway, when watching it one day last week, or half-watching it as you do, I just knew I recognized one of the contestant’s voices.

Let’s be honest, when you hear a Glaswegian voice on a UK show you always sit up and take notice – but this was more than that, I’m sure I’d heard this voice before.

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The Glaswegian in question was Simon, and he was doing not too badly at all.

But I still couldn’t place him.

Then he only went and correctly answered 18 questions in a row, prompting an unprecedented standing ovation from the chaser (that’s Paul Sinha, not a single whisky!).

Yet I still couldn’t place him.

So I headed out on the nightshift, put the radio on and waited for my first hire of the evening.

And then I placed him!!!

It took just one radio jingle for me to join the dots … clever cookie Simon was the same Simon who won a Glasgow Taxis quiz competition on the radio a couple of months ago.

Media reports on his Chase heroics stated he is an airline pilot, but he’s absolutely flying at this quiz game so maybe he should go full-time on the trivia circuit.

In fact, some even suggested he might be the next Chaser!

As he continues to conquer all in front of him, I have just one unique challenge to throw his way.

“The Knowledge”.

Yes, he can do it live on national TV but can he do it on a wet Tuesday night in a taxi HQ the east end of Glasgow? (Note: you can now take the test online too). 

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Would love to see how he’d get on. Glasgow Taxis – please make it happen!

And on the subject, if any readers fancy a change of career, dictating their own working hours – like I do, allowing me to watch The Chase every day – you know where to go.

In case you don’t, here’s the answer …

Simon says: www.glasgowtaxis.co.uk/become-a-driver

Stay safe.