Yesterday afternoon, we brought you the shocking news of the proposed closure of Marks and Spencer on Sauchiehall Street.

Bosses said "changing shopping habits" are to blame for the store's potential demise, but the Glasow Times took to the street to find out if city centre shoppers felt the same.

From opinions on the city’s younger generation to fury at a lack of council investment in the high street, the people of Glasgow had their say here.

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Glasgow Times:

Connie Carnan, left and Eddie Ryden, right.  

Frequent city centre shoppers

Connie said: “It’s a real shame, I would miss the shop badly if it shut down.

“I’ve bought a lot of clothes or food there over the years.

“I would say I shop there on average three or four times a week so it’s very sad news.”

Eddie said: “Sauchiehall Street is finished. It’s been heading that way for years now.

“It’s completely desolate.

“Argyle Street seems to be doing alright, but this street has had it.”

Glasgow Times:

Maureen Healy - Retail worker

Maureen said: “Marks and Spencer on Sauchiehall Street is an institution.

“I didn’t realise quite how long it has been here but I would certainly say that since I started shopping in town it’s always been here.

“I always think of it as one of the better shops on the street because a lot have already shut due to the economic climate.

“I work in a nearby shopping centre myself and I think maybe the Glasgow weather plays a big part in it because we always notice we’re busier when the rain hits.

“I hope that Marks and Spencer are thinking of moving somewhere close by.

“I would be really disappointed to see them go.”

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Glasgow Times:

Dorothy Cuthbertson, left and Ali Morrison, right – Charity workers

Ali said: “It’s just another shop shutting. How many more are there going to be?

“Just take a look at all the ‘for let’ signs in the city centre at the moment.

“It’s not good for the city and it’s not good for the look of the place.

“Considering that Glasgow is, excuse the phrase here, but a bit of a s*** hole on a good day, it’s a bit sad, to be honest.

“The town centre is not as attractive as it could be or should be.

 “It’s suffering from a lack of investment and care from the council and the city’s population.

“I’m disappointed to see Marks and Spencer close, but surprised? Not in the slightest.”

Dorothy added: “Sauchiehall Street used to be seen as a strong part of Glasgow’s shopping mile, but I definitely wouldn’t count it as that anymore.

“I don’t shop here at all.

“There’s no need to come up this side.”

Glasgow Times:

Katie, left and Jessica, right – Students

Katie said: “Marks and Spencer is way too expensive for us on a student budget.

“I actually walk way further out from the city centre to Lidl or Aldi to get my big shop and that’s what I think all my friends do too.

“I don’t know any young people who shop there.”

Jessica added: “I think it’s a sign of the way shopping habits are changing.

“Maybe older people would be surprised but I’m not really.

“Even the clothes department is too expensive for people our age.

“Glasgow is a student city.”