JANEY Godley shared an adorable video of the moment she reunited with her dog after a long hospital stay.

The Glasgow comedian shared her diagnosis of stage three ovarian cancer on Sunday, following her hysterectomy almost two weeks ago.

She has been staying with a friend since the surgery and returned home yesterday.

In the video her dog, Honey is jumping and wiggling her tail out of excitement.

Fans in the comment section were moved by the reunion. One person said: "Ah bless her ..nearly in tears here.

"Her wee tail is wagging so fast you can hardly see it! It will do you both the power of good to be with each other again. Much love."

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Another user added: "We all feel the same way. Glad you’re back with your family, led by Honey."

This morning, the comedian shared a picture of Honey once again, saying: "Woke up with a dog on my face and it's lovely."