Amazon Alexa users across the UK are reporting issues with the popular smart speaker.

According to online site Down Detector as many as 8,000 Brits have reported issues with the device with many saying it is crashing.

Other complaints include being unable to turn of their alarm clock and not being able to use voice commands.

When speaking to the device, users are given the response: “Sorry, something went wrong.”

Down Detector shows a large spike between 6am and 9am on Friday morning with 59% of complaints relating to server connection.

Users waking up this morning were met with a red ring light, suggesting issues with their device.

Amazon Alexa users complain amid UK-wide outage

Amazon’s service dashboard currently lists no issues however users have taken to social media to complain about their devices.

 One user asked: “Anyone's Amazon Alexa not working? All my devices gone.”

Another added: "My whole house relies on Alexa for lighting, heating, security, doors etc - I'm sitting in a dark house in the cold and the door won’t open."

“All of my Amazon Alexa devices are down. It’s disgusting, I have literally just had to lift my arm to tell the time on my wristwatch,” joked a third.

Reports suggest the outage is also affecting parts of Europe and India.