RESIDENTS at a Glasgow care home are being referred to as “cheeky b*****ds” and are being refused trips to the toilet, a whistleblower has claimed. 

A health care worker at Burlington Court Care Home says that physical and mental abuse is being inflicted on elders by members of staff.  

They claim that the alleged torment – including being told to “shut up” – is being imposed on all residents, but, in particular, “especially” towards one occupant who has learning disabilities. 

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A source close to the care home has said that one of the employees in question is no longer working at the Queenslie care home. 

Four Seasons – which owns the facility – have since handed over the claims to the care watchdog who are probing the alleged incidents. 

The whistleblower said: “Residents at Burlington Court are being treated with disrespect, especially one resident with learning disabilities. An agency nurse told staff to hold shut a bedroom door while the resident was in distress and calling for help. 

“The resident did not want her door to be closed and staff continued to shout at her to shut up and be quiet. This was reported multiple times to management who failed to act on the situation. This has now been reported to the care inspectorate.”

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The frontline worker claims that the verbal abuse is taking place between senior members of staff and residents, with staff turnover “huge” due to the alleged misconduct. 

They added: “Management is also verbally abusing residents by calling them cheeky b*****ds. 

“Some residents are told to be quiet and are not taken to the toilet if they have asked and just been. 

“This cannot go on any longer. 

“The staff turnover is huge with more than seven staff leaving within one month due to the fact they are not listened to when reporting wrongful things.”

Four Seasons has alerted the outsourced agency of the claim.
The firm assured it would take “decisive action” pending the results of the care inspectorate probe. 

A Four Seasons spokesperson said: “We are aware of the allegations and immediately initiated an investigation when we received the report, in accordance with our whistle-blowing and reporting process. 

“We take claims such as these seriously and have engaged the Care Inspectorate and the HSCP, in addition to alerting the agency involved. 

“The investigation is ongoing and if it should conclude that any of the claims are accurate we will take decisive action. 

“The care and wellbeing of our residents remain our first priority.”

The watchdog confirmed it was investigating the claims and urged anybody who has a concern about a care service to get in touch.

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: “A concern has been raised with us about this service.

“We are considering all information carefully.

“If we uphold a complaint we will publish the outcome on our website.

“Anyone with a concern about a care service can contact us on 0345 600 9527.”