The Glasgow Times yesterday announced the news of plans to demolish Glasgow Buchanan Galleries as part of the transformation of the city centre.

The proposal is to “replace” the shopping mall with a multi-purpose shopping, residential and office quarter.

Shortly after sharing the story, we took to the streets to speak with shocked city centre shoppers who were eager to give their opinions on the plans.

Read on for Glasgow's reaction.

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Glasgow Times: Pictured: Claire StanleyPictured: Claire Stanley

Claire Stanley,36, said: "I find the news really surprising, to be honest.

"I think it's really sad and another indication of how much the high street is suffering.

"If they say they want more living space then I would ask if they have filled Buchanan Quarter yet.

"That’s supposed to be residential, so you wonder if that’s not full then what's the point in building somewhere new?

"As for office space, more people than ever are working from home so is office space going to be economical?

"Obviously, I don’t know what all of the thinking is behind is but I think that it would be a massive loss.

"I don’t think it’s a great idea."

Glasgow Times:

George Nixon (left) aged 77 said: "You've really shocked me with that news.

"It's such a shame to waste such lovely architecture.

"They must be hard up if they're considering demolishing somewhere like this.

"I think that the older generation of Glasgwgians would say that it's a crying shame to even think about it.

"Why would you tear it down just to put something else in its place?"

Glasgow Times:

Brian Muir, 71, said: "I just don't understand it.

"The building is only 20 years or so old.

"It's a real loss. I see it as the focal point of Buchanan Street.

"Sauchiehall Street is already desolate.

"I suppose they must have some plan in place or studies to show that it will be a good idea.

"Mind you, you never know with this council, do you?"

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Glasgow Times:

Andrew Robertson, 78, said: "It's total vandalism.

"It’s a misuse of resources to be demolishing buildings that are working perfectly well.

"You can’t do that without having a clear idea of what to put in its place, and relying on the council to decide that is not encouraging.

"It's completely unnecessary.

"There are so many buildings in the town that could be converted into residential or office space.

"If you demolish the centre then you’re demolishing a very significant car park too so they will need to be able to provide better public transport then too.

"Help my granny, can we not just get on with living?"
Glasgow Times:

Sandra MacFarlane (left) aged 54 said: "It's absurd. Totally ridiculous.

"I almost would have thought it was an April Fools joke.

"At Christmas time we do all our shopping in John Lewis.

"We live on the outskirts of town so we like to take the car in to nip in for a scout around.

"I worry that whatever is put in its place will be an eyesore.

"I'm finding it really hard to believe."

Jennifer (Right) aged 47 said: "It's terrible

"Marks and Spencer and Watt Brothers have already gone.

"I prefer the Galleries to the St Enoch Centre, if anything I think they should get rid of that instead."