More than £5000 has been awarded to an East End primary school to support the Cycling for all Project within the school.

The eight week programme which will be held between April and June this year aims to promote cycling opportunities in line with the national charity which looks to encourage those with disabilities and health conditions to get on a bike. 

Cycling for All aims to increase the number of people who cycle regularly as well as enhancing the profile and inclusion of disabled cyclists. 

During the East Centre area partnership £5260 was approved for the project which also looks to improve health and well-being and community safety for young people.

The money will help buy 10 De Novo Solar Cycles, 10 Warrior Cycles, 2 Forme Curbar Cycle and eight Balance Bikes. It will also support the eight week coaching block and 34 helmets.

Speaking to the area partnership this week Heather McMillan, of community empowerment and equalities, said: “This is for a cycling for all project which will be held between April and June. The application is for the cost of the equipment including the bikes and the helmets.

“The money will also help fund the eight week coaching club. They have requested £5260 and the recommendation is to approve that.”