DOZENS of volunteers gathered at Linn Park yesterday to upkeep the greenspace as part of a special collaboration.

Friends of Linn Park, which celebrated its 100th birthday last year, was joined by volunteers and pupils of WILD Woodland Learning for the occasion.

WILD runs a forest school, which teaches children about nature and the environment in outdoor sessions in the area.

Yesterday, participants planted trees, picked up litter, made bird feeders and flower seed bombs, all to maintain the Southside park.

Thanks to funding from Nature Scot and help from Volunteering Matters and Action Earth, the schoolchildren could engage and learn from volunteers.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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Gill Sisson, forest school leader, said: “The program was successful, everybody has been engaged and I think what has been lovely is that it’s spanning three generations.

“We have actually got some grandparents whose grandchildren come to our WILD sessions.

“I love that cross-generations side of this event. I also think this has made people more aware that the volunteering options with Friends of Linn Park are there, if you choose to.”

Friends of Linn Park, which meets every Tuesday morning to tend to the greenspace, was grateful for the extra help provided by WILD.

Chair of the organisation, Dorothy Buchanan, said: “When we surveyed about the park, what people enjoyed most about it is how wild it felt. How it feels like you are in nature, that you are in the countryside.

“It’s not a park with flowerbeds, it has become wild and natural, so we wouldn’t want to change that.

“Everything we are doing is to ensure that balance between wildlife and humans. That is what this day was about.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The volunteers were also assisted by countryside ranger for south east Scotland, Gary Linstead, who helped out with the tree planting.

He said: “Part of my role is to engage with communities, share the space and develop that space.

“WILD Woodland Learning has asked me to come along today to plant a few trees with the wee ones.

“They enjoyed today very much, one of the chaps has planted four trees in 15 minutes.

“First he was a bit unsure but after he got into it, he was loving it.”

The countryside ranger, in partnership with walking group Glasgow Ramblers, recently put together an 11-mile trail linking greenspaces in the Southside, including Linn Park, to further motivate residents to enjoy nature.

For similar reasons, Friends of Linn Park celebrated its centennial anniversary with special postcards promoting the area’s wildlife and history.