Map shows locations where women feel unsafe in Glasgow

By Rebecca Newlands

Digital Journalist

Map shows locations where women feel unsafe in Glasgow

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WOMEN in Glasgow are being asked to pinpoint the places where they feel most vulnerable in the city.

An online service by Women's Safety Scotland shows a map of Glasgow with different icons on streets, parks, public areas and businesses where women have felt unsafe.

The site says: "We are inviting women who live, work, study, or socialise in Glasgow to tell us where and why you are feeling unsafe and what we could do to make Glasgow a safer space for women."

One woman revealed that the Govan area felt dangerous for her, as lighting is patchy and she even receives racial abuse from people hanging around. 

She said: "As a woman of colour, the group of young boys that sometimes loiter on the streets is very intimidating and these boys sometimes pick on a lone walking woman of colour with hijab for no reason, making racial remarks and laughing."

Another woman said that while she runs at Glasgow Green, she is worried about groups of "young people and men", the park being "poorly lit" and would never go there after dark. 

One woman claimed that while on a late bus home in the Shawlands area a man was deliberately pressing himself against her, and because of how busy the bus was she could not move away from him.

Another revealed that she feels threatened on her morning commute in Dawsholm Park on the River Kelvin.

She said: "There are a group of men who stand here drinking in the morning when I'm cycling to work. They stare, it's frightening."

Many women added that the lack of adequate lighting and police presence on the streets at night made them feel less safe, and have called for more CCTV and patrolling officers. 

If you want to share your experience, you can visit the site HERE