A MAN claimed he was momentarily paralysed after he was allegedly attacked by a taxi queue jumper.

Conor Delaney stated that he also lost memory after being punched on the back of the head in Glasgow's Merchant City on March 15, 2020.

The 26-year-old told a jury that he was unable to stand after losing feeling down the right side of his body.

The new dad was later found to have broken his leg and dislocated his shoulder which stopped his nine-year career as a painter and decorator.

Brian McGuigan, 39, denies assaulting Conor to his severe injury and impairment at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

McGuigan, of the city's Garthamlock, was also charged with assaulting Conor's dad Jim to his severe injury but this was deleted during the trial by the prosecutor.

Conor told jurors in evidence that he was out with Jim and his friends Mick and Gerry at Connolly's.

He stated that they drank from 4pm until 10.20pm when the group waited outside in the taxi queue together.

Conor claimed McGuigan and a woman entered the queue together and went in front of them.

He stated that he made a joke to the pair saying: "It's busy tonight, mate."

Conor claimed he turned back to his group when he felt a fist on his head.

Prosecutor Emma Baker asked what force was used.

He replied: "Quite a bit of force, as I fell to the ground.

"I think I stumbled on the road between two parked cars."

Miss Baker asked what happened after he fell to the ground.

The witness stated: "It's up to that I remember as I lost memory once I hit the ground."

He added that he was in pain and the next thing he could remember was no being able to move.

Miss Baker asked why he couldn't move and he replied: "I had no feeling on the right side of my body from my shoulder to my leg."

Miss Baker asked who hit him and the witness said: "Presumably, it was the man."

Conor claimed when he came round, he saw his dad with blood on his face and McGuigan being restrained by police.

He added that he was unable to stand due and was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Conor stated he spent the night and his leg was put in a caste for six months has he had broken his right fibula.

He also claimed that he suffered a dislocated right shoulder and a lump on his head.

The witness stated that he was unable to spend time with his eight-month-old baby and he was unable to lift her as he was in crutches.

Conor was also restricted in his then job and has become an HGV driver since May last year.

David Fisken, defending, suggested that Conor and his group were "angry" that McGuigan had skipped the queue but he denied this.

It was also put to him that he had made an inappropriate sexual comment to McGuigan's girlfriend which he also refuted.

The lawyer added: "It was you who hit him first" which Conor replied: "No."

Jim Delaney, 51, told jurors in evidence that he saw McGuigan grappling with Conor after his son made the joke.

The Royal Mail driver said he was initially attacked by a woman when he went to approach the pair.

He added that he found himself lying on the ground after trying to punch McGuigan.

Jim added: “I was on all fours and my son was down, I got back up and felt the man come over and boot me to the face.”

He stated he was bleeding heavily and threatened McGuigan as a police officer was treating him at the scene.

Jim claimed he underwent surgery on a wound to his lip which has left numbness.

Jim added that he has PTSD due to the incident and is embarrass by the fractured teeth he sustained.

The trial continues before sheriff Tony Kelly.