MARTI Pellow has announced a new tour and has promised fans it will be unlike anything they have seen before. 

The Wet Wet Wet frontman will perform 'intimate' shows as part of Pellow Talk, including a gig in East Renfrewshire.

Marti will perform at Eastwood Park on November 6, 2022.

Announcing the news on social media, the Clydebank singer told fans that they would get to learn about him as a man as well as an artist, and he would perform both classic favourites and less familiar tunes.

He added: "There’ll be laughter as we travel from the banks of the River Clyde to the top of the charts, then onto Broadway and beyond. There’ll be no mask and no character. This is me, Marti, stepping out of the shadows, speaking directly to you. The invitation is there.

"I hope you come and spend some time with me. Enough living has been done for a life to unfold. Enough years have passed for a story to be told."


Tickets for Pellow Talk will go on sale on Friday January 28, and fans can sign up for first access HERE