A POLICE officer allegedly punched a man twice while restraining him on the ground.

Graeme Hume, 35, is accused of assaulting Walid Boutoubane in Glasgow's Carnwadric on May 11, 2020.

A witness claimed Hume dragged Mr Boutoubane to the ground and repeatedly punched him to the head while his legs were on his body.

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Hume denies the single assault charge on Mr Boutoubane and is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court heard from Lauren Gray, 24, who stated that her attention was drawn to Hume, a female officer and a young Asian man.

The nurse claimed that she saw "pushing and pulling" between both parties.

She stated she heard Mr Boutoubane call out in pain.

The witness claimed that Hume had Mr Boutoubane’s chest and arm restrained and put him up against a wall.

It was stated that the pair were trying to get Mr Boutoubane in a police van nearby.

She said that Me Boutoubane was then taken to the ground.

Prosecutor Amanda Gallagher asked how this was done.

Miss Gray said: "He was flung to the ground, the male officer took him and threw him behind him.

"The impact of the man's head hitting the ground is what got my attention."

The witness added that she saw Hume and the female officer restrain Mr Boutoubane on the ground.

Mr Boutoubane is alleged to have told the officers: "You are hurting me."

Miss Gray said: "I saw that the young man was under the policeman's knees.

"He clenched his right fist and struck him twice to the right side of the head."

The witness claimed that Mr Boutoubane may have struck the officer inside the building before she was at the scene.

She stated she was told by Hume: "You didn't see him f***ing hit me."

Footage allegedly taken by Miss Gray of part of the incident was shown to the court.

Miss Gray was heard shouting at the officers that it was "shocking" and told by Hume that Mr Boutoubane had hit him Miss Gray was noted to reply: "That doesn't mean you need to punch him - you are meant to serve and protect."

Miss Gray then told the court: “He was restrained and it just seemed unnecessary as if he was trying to get one back for what had happened in the building.”

Tom McMurtry, defending, put it to the witness that Mr Boutoubane had tried to run away.

She replied: "It looked like the police were trying to pull him any way they were.

"I didn't see the young man run away - it was like they were trying to drag him into the van."

The witness stated she made a complaint as “I thought it was unjust and would rather trust in police officers than mistrust.

“I wouldn’t want the wrong type of personality employed in the police.”

Support worker Jennifer Craig, 42, stated in evidence that she saw Mr Boutoubane initially been tended to by the female officer and the atmosphere was calm.

She claimed that the male officer did a “kicking motion” to Mr Boutoubane’s foot which made him fall to the ground.

The witness added that he landed on his tummy before the officer went on top of him.

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She said: “Mr Boutoubane was going ‘ah f***’ and the female officer went to the front towards his head.

“The male officer punched the side of his head - one, two, three - as the female officer tried to get his arms out.”

Mr McMurtry put it to the witness that there were “errors” in her police statement and that she said the officer punched Mr Boutoubane four or five times.

The lawyer also stated that she did not see the incident as there was railings, bushes and a wall in her view.

But, Miss Craig refuted this saying she “absolutely” saw it.

She later said that “wrong is wrong” and that it was an “injustice.”

The trial before sheriff Iain Fleming continues next month.