A GLASGOW rental bike has been abandoned a three hours' ride away in Alloa.

OVO Bikes, powered by nextbike, are available to rent via an app and can be collected and returned to one of the many stations across the city. 

However, one bike did not quite make it home as its location showed up in the Clackmannanshire town approximately 33 miles away.

Andrew McVie alerted the company to the abandoned bike after he spotted its location on the app map.

Nextbike responded to Andrew's tweet: "We've forwarded this address to our local service team, who can return the bike to its rightful home."

We have previously reported that 'opportunistic' bike thefts are becoming a greater cause for concern among police officers.

Chief Inspector Ross Kelly of Glasgow City Centre previously told the Glasgow Times: ““We are seeing a significant number of bike thefts, in a typical week there are about 15 to 25 bikes stolen across Greater Glasgow.

“A lot of these are opportunistic in nature, so if the owner has not taken the necessary steps to secure it, someone will just walk away with it."