I WOULD like to ask readers if I am the only person sick of the roadworks on the M8 as you approach the city centre?

They seem to be neverending with no progress appearing to be made.

What must tourists think when they come to our city and see lanes closed everywhere on our main motorway?

I hope the end result whenever the works finish is worth it.

And then people can drive into the city centre without facing a wall of congestion.

Dean Carter - Via email

IT might not be (Major retailer on Buchanan Street ‘closing down’, Glasgow Times online), this is a common tactic used by the owners to get rid of stock and create a panic buy notion.

The Silverburn one had about three closing down sales when I was there.

Craig Judge - Via Facebook

I AGREE with your reader last week who complained about people failing to wear face masks properly.

Do people need spoon-fed? They can’t understand simple instructions.

Laurie Murdoch, Maryhill

FREE bus passes for under-22s. Are they actually having a laugh?

Can 20 and 21-year-olds not manage to pay their own bus fare?

Why don’t we just pay their rent too while we’re at it?

We’re creating a generation of layabouts who will never earn a living as everything will be handed to them on a plate. I might be cynical, but this seems to be a ploy by the SNP to encourage the youth to vote for the party. Am I right, or am I wrong?

Lesley Adams, Barmulloch