NUMEROUS complaints have been made about changes to the Highway Code to boost protection for cyclists and pedestrians.

Anything to improve road safety is to be welcomed but allowing pedestrians to walk across a junction when a vehicle is turning in is asking for trouble.

Similarly, the aggressive cyclist and packs of club cyclists will milk this situation.

However, what is not generally known is that the Highway Code contains advice and rules for people on Britain’s roads and these changes are only advisory so non-compliance will not result in a fine.

Clark Cross

EVEN though he is no longer an elected parliamentary MP, many people looked on the fiery George Galloway as the “the voice of the people”?

However, unknown to many of his loyal supporters, George Galloway was a strong supporter of Brexit, and vocally made this known on many Tory platforms.

In 2016 he was introduced by Nigel Farage, the former right-wing president of UKIP, to a mainly Conservative audience, as a great orator.

To thunderous applause from the audience, George credited Nigel Farage and David Davis Tory MP as the inspiration in the Leave campaign.

It is obvious that he (George Galloway) made a misguided decision in this instance, to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

In doing so he damaged his credibility in the eyes of his Labour supporters, and those who listen to him when he is on chat shows.


TOTALLY love Dancing on Ice, full of unbelievably talented people.

The only negative is its presenters.

I just about tolerated Phil and Holly last series but criiiiiinged every week at Holly’s outfits.

Does she forget it’s a family show??

Why she wants to throw her cleavage out there stumps me!!! For who?

The weans?

First two weeks weren’t too bad but this week’s outfit welcomed back her unwelcome assets. Holly, get rid of the Disney costumes and cover up!!

Mrs D Penilee