A teacher is alleged to have had sex with a pupil in a Glasgow hotel after partying with teenagers at SWG3.

The PE teacher is claimed to have told pupils "Can we for a minute act like I'm not a teacher" while downing shots and dancing inappropriately at the school's senior prom. 

Allegations set to go before the teaching watchdog say a pupil walked in on the teacher in bed with an 18-year-old male classmate at a Premier Inn.

The teacher, who worked at Paisley's Gleniffer High School at the time, is reported to have said: "Technically I haven't touched him yet" when caught in the act.

She is also alleged to have told her then-headteacher she was at home when she was at the Premier Inn.

She is now due to go before a General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing next week where she could be struck off.

The allegations read: "Between June 7 and 8, 2017, whilst employed by Renfrewshire Council as a PE Teacher at Gleniffer High School, at the senior prom and immediately thereafter, you danced inappropriately with pupils during the prom, including making inappropriate physical contact whilst dancing with them at SWG3, Glasgow.

"You kissed Pupil A at the hotel in which pupils were staying for the night, the Premier Inn Hotel and engaged in sexual intercourse with Pupil A after the prom, at the Premier Inn.

"You drank a shot (or shots) at the bar of SWG3, behaved in an inappropriate manner in a hotel room at the Premier Inn by drinking alcohol in the presence of pupils and stating words to the effect of 'Can we for a minute act like I'm not a teacher" to a pupil(s).

Further allegations add: "You were under the influence of alcohol to the point of being inebriated in the presence of pupils in the Premier Inn and had awareness that an ex-pupil was in possession of drugs and did not report this to the appropriate authorities."

Police Scotland investigated the incident in 2017 when it occurred but found no criminality had taken place.

The tribunal is set to be held on February 7, 9, 10, 11 and 14 to assess her fitness to teach.