I SENT a letter to you last year regarding cyclists.
Cyclists jumping lights, riding on pavements, no lights and dark clothing without reflection.

Don’t get me wrong some of my best friends have bikes but where is the protection for the motorists?
Mark Mcnulty
Via email

PEOPLE should look a little deeper into the party-gate scandal. Not just Boris, but dozens of people – ministers, special advisors and civil servants – attended many parties during the lockdowns. 

Clearly, none of these people believed that the lockdown measures were necessary otherwise they would have complied with them. 

Neither ambitious Tory ministers nor the opposition parties will address this, because all were cheering on the restrictions or demanding even harsher controls. 

That total unwillingness to address the possibility that the lockdowns and the resulting vast damage to our economy and civil liberties were unjustified is the real scandal.
Otto Inglis
Via email

THOMAS KERR states that the Tories don’t go to the East End for photoshoots and he is bang on. 

They go to the East End to make sure his party’s policies are having the most damaging effect possible on the poorest people and that the monies they are entitled to are going to his money-grabbing support. 

Name and address supplied 

SORRY to hear about physical and verbal attacks on soup kitchen staff at their Argyle Street site under the Hielanman’s Umbrella. 

It was clear to me this was an ill conceived site for a soup kitchen in close proximity to three major hotels at the corner of Hope Street on the tourist route to the city centre and home to numerous businesses. 

I am glad the chair of the charity has seen common sense and wishes to move the facility to an indoor facility where increased security and a bit of dignity could be applied for volunteers and users. The sooner the better for all concerned.
Bill Love