AT the weekend as I was reading the Sunday newspapers I came across three articles I would like to share with your readers.

The first article concerned a single mum with a two-year-old daughter trying to make ends meet. She is just managing to keep her head above water and says she is just £17 a month away from destitution, she fears soaring energy bills will plunge her and her daughter into poverty.

The second article again concerned a couple with two young children who are working hard in their jobs but find after they deduct all their bills can only afford £50 per week on food and are so concerned about their future.

The third article stuck in my throat a bit. This article concerns Jacob Rees-Mogg, Commons leader, who says he is not out of touch. In an interview recently with The Telegraph he said he had the best Christmas present ever, this was a bracelet made from the mane of Wellington’s horse at a cost of £5100. He also stated in the article that paying people to change his children’s nappies didn’t make him out of touch and he couldn’t bear the term “ordinary people” because as far as he is concerned there’s no such thing as an ordinary person.

I personally think Rees-Mogg is from another planet, totally out of touch and has absolutely no idea what sacrifices people have to make in order to survive.

Today the gap between rich and poor is widening, not narrowing, it’s the old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Great Britain – DON’T make me laugh, we are now like a third world country, and unfortunately it’s so sad as I can’t see anything changing.

EK – Crookston

BORIS Johnson is so obsessed with his own political survival that he decided to go to Westminster to talk about his own political future rather than talk to Putin about Ukraine.

He is now going to Ukraine to meet with their leaders. The Russians will be filled with fear!

He will come back and do a Neville Chamberlain act – Peace in our Time.

When will Western politicians wake up to the fact that it is America that is pushing for war with Russia? All because the USA politicians see Ukraine as another area to have NATO troops permanently stationed.

The younger generations of the West don’t realise how paranoid the USA is regarding Communism, and it has been involved in conflicts because of this paranoia.

Vietnam was a French colony, French Indochina. The Vietnamese fought a war with the French from 1946-54. When the French were defeated, the Americans became involved in a war against the Vietnamese because they were Communists. This war lasted from 1954-75. The Americans were defeated. The West now imports goods from Vietnam that were once made in America.

If the NATO countries go to war in Ukraine, there will be global warming on an unprecedented scale. There will be no winners.

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