LAST week SNP and Green councillors confirmed what many Glaswegians have suspected for a long time: that they are completely detached from the reality of the struggles of many working families in this city.

At the Environment Committee last Tuesday, councillors voted on the SNP’s very banal sounding Glasgow Transport Strategy.

This proposal had some good policies within but as always with the nationalists, the small print was filled with attacks on ordinary Glaswegians.

Deep within the document, there were three especially concerning proposals that if implemented would stretch family budgets even further across our city – the introduction of a car park tax, a proposal to bring in a congestion style road charge and a push that Glasgow City Council would actively lobby UK Government ministers to increase petrol and diesel prices.

These proposals yet again highlight just how detached from reality SNP politicians in Glasgow have become from the electorate.

The idea the Glasgow City Council will now charge businesses for each individual parking space they have is ludicrous, and while supporters of this tax point out it’s the employers and not the employees who will be taxed, we all know that this will be handed down to ordinary workers – for many of whom having a car isn’t a privilege but necessity.

Plans for a congestion charge/road charge would see motorists hit with further charges just to use their vehicle and would have a significant impact on tradespeople, delivery vehicles and others who need to use their vehicle across the city.

As for proposals to actively lobby for increases in petrol and diesel prices, which planet are these councillors living on?

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Families are already worried about balancing their budget with increasing energy costs and price inflation and need higher taxes on fuel like a hole in the head.

It’s clear whoever thought of that clearly has the luxury of not having to worry about their bills. 

However, sadly I am not surprised, we’ve all seen since 2017 the complete contempt this SNP council with its Green cronies hold working-class communities in.

These are the people who have hiked nursery fees, tried to shut down Blairvadach, hammered Citizens Advice Bureaux, taken away free swimming for kids and pensioners, brought in a three weekly bin collection, brought in bulk uplift charges and who scrapped a £100 payment to the over-80s to help with their fuel bills – it’s clear they don’t give a damn about communities across Glasgow.

Susan Aitken’s administration has been out of touch almost from the start.

This is the administration that attempted to close libraries across Glasgow while their jet-setting Glasgow Life chair closed items off his bucket list at the taxpayers’ expense.

The same administration that refuses to engage or support the taxi trade but the council leader is ferried around, at our expense, in taxis to attend concerts and campaign events.

As per usual, their supporters will no doubt leap to their defence and attempt to deflect onto reserved matters and the Tory bashing rhetoric that we are all too used too.

After all, Susan Aitken thinks anyone who is concerned about the cleansing crisis must be “far right”.

Five years ago, many working-class families had enough and lent my colleagues and I their support.

They switched from Labour or SNP to the Conservatives and in those communities we are privileged to represent we have worked hard to pay back that trust.

We’ve led the fight against this failing SNP council at every turn and stood up for communities across Glasgow.

We’ll keep on standing up for all Glaswegians sick of our failing council and its hapless leader. 

On May 5, communities can send another clear and loud message to the established cosy consensus in Glasgow.

Back the Glasgow Conservatives across this city and we’ll fight for our forgotten communities and stand against these ludicrous and damaging policies that will hammer working families across Glasgow.