VOLUNTEERS patrolling the streets in temperatures of minus two have been left feeling heavy-hearted after stumbling across a homeless person's "only shelter". 

Homeless Project Scotland's street team had been walking through the city centre yesterday evening before they found a tent on Argyle Street. 

The crews had been pacing the area in aid of helping any rough sleepers into temporary accommodation. 

Glasgow Times:

But, after finding nobody was inside the tent, they were sorrowed by the owner's account of how it was their "only shelter". 

A note attached to the tent asked those passing by not to damage it, adding there was "nothing of value" inside. 

It reads: "Contains nothing of value. 

"This is my only shelter. Please do not damage.

"Thank you."

Glasgow Times:

Chairman of the charity, Colin McInnes, described the circumstances as "dreadfully sad" as he says his volunteers came across two rough sleepers yesterday evening.  

He said: "It was freezing last night - around minus two degrees. There was a bitter crisp in the air. 

"Our volunteers came across the tent on their patrols and nobody was inside, so they left our card in case they want assistance. The person must have gone for food

"The note is dreadfully sad, they clearly have nowhere else to go. Homeless and rough sleeping hasn't been eradicated yet, there is still a lot of work to be done.

"How do you find a tent in the middle of one of Glasgow's busiest streets, below a shop sign that says 'magical Christmas?"

The Glasgow Times approached Glasgow City Council for comment. 

Members of the public who witness somebody who may need assistance are urged to contact the Rough Sleepers and Vulnerable People helpline on 0800 027 7466.

Homeless Project Scotland's helpline can also be reached on 0800 0147 160.