ABSOLUTE joke this side of the city just now (Busy Glasgow Southside road to close for over a month amid delays, Glasgow Times online)!

You can’t go anywhere without diverting from Braidcraft Road at Pollok and Corkerhill Road also shut off – now this?

Now, with all the single file traffic due to the bike lanes, what are we seeing now with all the terrible weather – but massive craters appearing in the car lanes as that’s coping with all the weight of the cars as opposed to half!

So, where do we drive to avoid these, onto the bike lanes perhaps? Shambles in planning!

Julie Graham Via Facebook

READERS had their say on whether Scotland should follow England in ending Covid self-isolation rules this month. Here’s a selection of comments ...

YES, finally get back to our lives as we used to know it.

Victoria Gillan

ENGLAND seems to be going for the “learn to live with it” approach without actually learning anything at all.

Paul Cook

YES, time to get back to normality and learn to live with Covid. People have been dying of other illnesses but we hear nothing about them.

Elizabeth Climie

YES and drop the masks too.

Laura Robertson

WHY is it every time England does something the focus is on ‘should we do the same’?

Can’t we think for ourselves? What’s the old saying … ‘If they jumped off a bridge, would you…’

David Turnbull

I HAVE stopped – my rules anyway. I worked right through it, so no rules for me. Maybe North Ayrshire might open our office now and stop doing things via email.

Gaw Philip

TWO weeks after England seems to be the SNP theme.

Greg Bell

YES, definitely and for people to be careful.

Jay Clyde

YES of course, and if people feel unwell do what you’d normally do and stay in.

I’m just listening to a woman on Jeremy Vine saying self-isolation should not be lifted in order for vulnerable people to go out and get fresh air!

What did they do every flu season prior to Covid? It’s crazy. We need to move on and live with this mess.

Jerry Goodlet