A British father with a newborn child is trapped in Ukraine amid a potential Russia invasion.

54-year-old Ken Stewart from Scotland and his wife Tanya who is Ukrainian have recently welcomed a newborn baby into the world.

However this means their youngster Douglas is yet to receive a passport, meaning as tensions grow, the family remains stranded.

Ken spoke of the “difficult” situation he finds himself in as the UK Foreign Office urged Brits to leave the country as tensions grow.

UK dad speaks of bizarre situation in Ukraine amid Russian tensions

He told the Sunday Mirror: “Our son Douglas was born on Monday and Tania is still recovering in hospital.

“Our plan was to leave but we are in a difficult situation since we do not yet have Douglas’ birth certificate.

“That can take one or two weeks here- and that’s without there being a war so who knows how long that will take?"

 He added: “I am waiting until they come home and then I think we may leave and head west, where Tania has relatives.

“So I will stay here for a day or so and see what happens and then try and get away just to be safe.

“I am being practical. This is a bizarre situation.

“It’s strange because they have been telegraphing an invasion for such a long time.

“Who does that? I am keeping a close eye on the situation.”

Boris Johnson working to bring Vladimir Putin ‘back from the brink’ of war

Glasgow Times: Downing Street conceded Moscow could be planning to invade “at any moment”. (PA)Downing Street conceded Moscow could be planning to invade “at any moment”. (PA)

Boris Johnson will join last-ditch diplomatic efforts to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin “back from the brink” of war in Ukraine as the crisis enters a “critical juncture”.

Downing Street conceded Moscow could be planning to invade “at any moment” but the Prime Minister will hold talks with world leaders before a trip to Europe during this week’s “window of opportunity” for de-escalation.

The UK and other Nato allies have urged their citizens to flee Ukraine and some airlines have cancelled flights to Kyiv amid growing concerns that the estimated 130,000 Russian troops amassed on the border could be poised to attack.

Mr Johnson, who is receiving daily intelligence briefings from security chiefs, was understood to be working with allies to provide further defensive and economic support to Kyiv, with an announcement touted for the coming days.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “The crisis on Ukraine’s border has reached a critical juncture. All the information we have suggests Russia could be planning an invasion of Ukraine at any moment. This would have disastrous consequences for both Ukraine and Russia.

“There is still a window of opportunity for de-escalation and diplomacy, and the Prime Minister will continue to work tirelessly alongside our allies to get Russia to step back from the brink.”