Women's Safety heatmap receives more than 400 reports of women being harassed in Glasgow

By Nicole Mitchell

Multimedia Journalist

Women's Safety heatmap receives more than 400 reports of women being harassed in Glasgow

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MORE than 400 reports of incidents when women felt unsafe in the city have been reported via an online map.

Wise Women, along with Glasgow Girls Club, Commonplace and Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, are promoting a Women’s Safety Survey heatmap.

As we previously reported, using the website or app, women are able to contribute information about where they have endured harassment or abuse across the city.

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We can now reveal since the heatmap launched on December 10 last year, more than 400 reports have submitted been submitted by women detailing their experiences.

Dawn Fyfe, strategic development manager at Wise Women, said so far there have been several comments from women about Sauchiehall Street and Queens Park in particular.  

She said: "One woman was saying that she regularly goes down one of the lanes rather than walk along Sauchiehall Street because of the level of harassment and abuse she gets when she’s out and about."

Once the survey closes on March 1, Wise Women will work with the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership to discuss the initial findings and look at what focus groups are needed.  

Dawn said: "The information will be taken into strategic working groups in Glasgow to look at women’s safety in general but we’re also really hoping to push the agenda roundabout the environmental changes that are happening and trying to get more consultation on city structure change in relation to women’s safety because a lot of these decisions are being made without that in mind."

She added: "This isn’t just about the comments and the evidence, this is about change.

"This project was never just going to be saying ‘aw well that’s 400 women experiencing harassment’, it’s about change, it’s about getting women’s information into decision-making rooms, it’s about getting women into decision-making rooms, it’s about saying enough is enough."

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Dawn says it has been challenging getting information about the map out to women who don’t use social media or in areas of the city that are seen as high deprivation where there are not a lot of areas for women to meet where they can hang posters.

She also highlights the map is not about gathering information on women’s actions or lifestyles.

She said: "This is not about women feeling guilty about their experiences.

"This is about male violence, and we are really committed to taking this project forward so that we start to address that in Glasgow."

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Wise Women are particularly keen to hear from more home care workers who are travelling around the city each day for work.  

The heatmap is open to all women aged 13 and over and the initial findings are expected to be released on March 9.

You can submit information or view comments HERE, or download the app.