WHAT a pathetic country I now live in. 

British people have now become subjects who accept anything that is dished out to them. How times have changed. 

We are ruled by a British Government led by a man who consistently lies and has surrounded himself with clones of himself as far as truth is concerned all in order to keep him in power, also in post is a billionaire

Chancellor who is deliberately causing the poorest in the country to suffer more than they do at the moment by his policies which are backed by his leader and those in the Cabinet.

These people now spend an inordinate amount of time telling everyone how this Prime Minister and the Tory Party saved everyone by his handling of the pandemic. 

They do not mention the fact that the taxpayer paid for everything.  

Nurses, doctors and carers did the hard work with delivery drivers making sure vaccines got to where they were needed. 

They deliberately fail to mention the amount of people who died, not to mention the amount of taxpayers’ money slid into the pockets of friends, to say nothing of the billions that have been wasted.

Then we have Prince Andrew whose behaviour is despicable and who does not have the courage to follow through with his promise to defend himself in a court of law. 

Any family would shift hell and high water to support a member of the family to legally clear their name if they believed that they were being labelled with such disgusting behaviour, the stand the family took in this case makes the case that they have doubts about his truth. 

We have seen this type of behaviour from his brother who used a young woman for his own means when he stood in front of an alter declaring promises he had no intention of keeping and please do not tell me that members of this family knew nothing of his intentions to continue with his affair with another man’s wife.

I have no doubt that those fickle people who stood and cried when Princess Diana died will once again line the streets cheering this couple when the time comes.

Michael Tolland
Via email

YOUR leading story on the front page of Saturday, “binmen need a pay rise”, well, they have one of the best terms and conditions, and also good sick pay/holiday pay/PPE/health and safety conditions that most 
private workplaces would die for.

Now suggesting they need second jobs and claiming to go to food banks, they and the unions are talking rubbish.

They are not in the real world and if they go off sick, they get full pay, while in the private sector sent to the social and need benefits to survive, not like the council workers.

Trust me, I have been in both and pensions when retired so the GMB and other respective representatives time to get off your soap box and do what you are all well paid for by the taxpayer to do and stop bleating like sheep. 

If you don’t like where you work then leave and try the real world.
It won’t be long before you start shouting “I wish I stayed at the council”.
You are well paid compared to the poor in “take it or leave it” jobs.

Stephen Johnstone