Germany has halted the approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline amid Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said the gas pipe will not me certified and has ordered the withdrawal of documents needed.

It comes after Boris Johnson said Vladimir Putin appears “bent on a full-scale invasion” of Ukraine as he vowed to swiftly introduce the “first barrage” of sanctions against Russia.

The Prime Minister said on Tuesday that the Russian president had “completely torn up international law” and is seemingly intent on capturing the capital of Kyiv.

The move from Germany comes amid pressure from Western allies to rethink its energy strategy amid the Ukraine crisis.

But what is Nord Stream 2? Here is all you need to know and why it is so significant.

What is Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

The Nord Stream Pipeline can carry enough natural gas from Russia to supply 26 million households in Europe.

It was thought the pipeline could be pivotal in solving gas shortages and rising energy prices on the continent.

However, the US has consistently said it will bring and end to the pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine.

The Nord Stream pipeline and Nord Stream 2 is is yet to begin operations.

The pipelines have been a source of tension among western allies drawing up sanctions against Russia should they invade Ukraine.

Timeline of tensions between Russia and Ukraine

What has Boris Johnson said about Nord Stream 2?

Mr Johnson has previously said: “What I think all European countries need to do now is get Nord Stream out of the bloodstream."

After an emergency meeting on Tuesday, Boris Johnson said shifting away from Russian oil and gas would help with energy security.

The Prime Minister said: “In the UK we have been able to reduce our dependency on Russian gas very substantially.

“Only 3% of our gas supplies now come from Russia.”

Mr Johnson said the response includes granting licences for UK gas reserves but also shifting to low-carbon energy, including nuclear power.

He added: “The faster this country can be more self-reliant on our own energy, the more prosperous we will be, but also, of course, the more sustainable our energy prices will be, and that will benefit the UK consumer.”

Why Russia and Ukraine crisis could see UK oil and gas prices rise

Glasgow Times: Last week, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russian's invasion of Ukraine would come at a high economic cost. (PA)Last week, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russian's invasion of Ukraine would come at a high economic cost. (PA)

Last week, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russian's invasion of Ukraine would come at a high economic cost. 

She told BBC Breakfast: “First of all, if we did see a war in Ukraine, that would have a very damaging impact on oil and gas prices across Europe. This is why we need to reduce dependence on Russian gas, find alternative sources."

She added: “In fact, in the United Kingdom only 3% of our gas is from Russia, which is different from continental Europe.

“What we’ve done in the UK is we’ve frozen petrol duty for a number of years, saving people £15 on their filling-up of petrol. And we’re working to support families with the cost of living but, of course, a war in Ukraine would do further damage to the European gas market.”