IT was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that Vladimir Putin had no intention of backing down.

The past record of NATO in conflict areas held no fears for him, as did the threats from others. He had planned the annexation of areas of Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea and is ready for anything the West throws at him including financial barriers.

There are still countries who condemn his action but continue to pay him for fuel and gas whilst he kills civilians.

The sending of arms to Ukraine will not stop him nor will putting machine guns in the hands of civilians, all that will do is escalate the killing of many more people the longer this continues. The cuts in spending on the military in Britain and other countries has played into his hands as well as the lack of preparation for this very situation which the secret services would have been aware of.

Britain has been only ready to do deals with this dictator and others like him throughout the world and still continue to do so letting London become a financial washing plant for money, as long as the money kept rolling in, they did not and do not give a toss where the money comes from and this is part of the problem.

I have never been an advocate for war but I accept that sometimes the use of force is the only weapon people like Putin understand in order to save a nation and its elected government, too many times in the recent past countries including Britain have stood by and allowed slaughter to take place whilst issuing weasel words of condemnation.

Michael Tolland, Knightswood


I NOTE the council planning a week of activity within Govanhill.

I visited the place on Friday night where I could see black bags being left at bins being burst by local residents and mattresses dumped on corners.

I didn’t feel safe walking down Victoria Road. The whole area needs at least four weeks cleaning, never mind a week.


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THE energy crisis has been coming for a long time but inept politicians, egged on by the Greens, have relied on imports and unreliable wind turbines to provide UK electricity.

Over the last 12 months gas has supplied 41.7% UK electricity and nuclear 16.4%.

Those against fossil fuels should be compelled to reduce their electricity consumption by 41.7% whilst those against nuclear power should cut their consumption by 16.4%. Those who hate both must cut by 58.1%.

All automatically done by smart meters. Those savings should keep the lights on. Now if they use gas for cooking and heating…

Clark Cross


I WISH to give my congratulations to a young man...

Jordan Trainer of plant shop Green Living Glasgow, who came up with and initiated the idea to hold a pop up indoor market in the premises of the former, empty Poundland store in Partick.

It took a lot of hard work and effort to see it through. But seeing the transformation of an empty unit into a thriving hub of activity with more than 30 individual, independent stalls, some selling out, was truly fantastic. I hope all those who attended the market will continue to support it, as it’s just what the area needs to support small businesses.

Jill Ferguson