ROBERT Pattinson says he spent so much time filming at night for The Batman his skin turned green - and having watched it, it's clear to see why.

Pattinson proves any doubters wrong with his dark, but quiet, take on The Caped Crusader and the reclusive Bruce Wayne. 

The film takes place two years after Wayne has started to stalk Gotham's streets as Batman, ruthlessly fighting the city's criminals.

As he appears from the shadows, Pattinson's first line states: "I'm vengeance."

Glasgow Times:

Much of Matt Reeves' movie takes place at night, hence Pattinson's green skin, which reflects what is the darkest of all feature films based on the iconic DC Comics character. 

With a 15 rating, this is a particularly bleak and violent take on a superhero film and it focuses more on the origin story of corruption in Gotham than it does its eponymous hero. 

Paul Dano makes an excellent villain as The Riddler, playing the character in a fantastically unhinged manner, while Zoe Kravitz gives a memorable performance in her long-awaited portrayal of Catwoman. 

Glasgow Times:

But for many in Glasgow, the star of the film will likely not be a character at all. 

If you're planning on heading to the cinema to see the Dear Green Place make its debut as the new Gotham City, then you're in luck - the scenes haven't been cut. But, you're going to have to wait until the very end of the film to see those shots of the Necropolis that were filmed back in February 2020.

Thankfully, this isn't a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene and anyone who has visited the Victorian cemetery will recognise it immediately with the bright lights of Glasgow twinkling in the distance. 

Glasgow Times:

The film runs at almost three hours, the longest of any starring The Defender of Gotham, but its fast pace ensures it doesn't drag and doesn't have you asking when it will end. 

Many people have asked if we need another Batman movie, especially when it feels like theatres have been saturated with superhero films over the past few years, but the film earns its place on the big screen.

The Batman ends with Gotham City in a worse state than at the beginning of the film, which is set over a seven day period, but it's well primed for any possible sequels starring Pattinson as the masked vigilante. 

The Batman will be released in cinemas on Friday, March 4. 

Glasgow Times: