After discovering Costa Coffee was going to be stocking M&S Food items, I knew I had to try the range for myself.

The Spring menu is a big one with 33 food items with everything from porridge to sandwiches and sweet treats too.

Spring, for me, is a time of the year that I look forward to, not only because it’s the season my birthday falls into but also because the sun usually starts to make a warm appearance and it reminds me that Summer isn’t far away.

Here’s what I thought about the items I tried from Costa Coffee’s new Spring menu that offers M&S Food and how much it’ll cost you to grab your own.  

Costa Coffee and M&S Food review

M&S Tomato & Basil Soup (Vegan)

Glasgow Times: M&S Tomato & Basil Soup (Vegan)M&S Tomato & Basil Soup (Vegan)

Price: £3.00

This took around three minutes to heat up in the microwave and it was full of flavour.

While it was a nice consistency, there were small pieces running through it but as someone that doesn’t like ‘bits’ in things like yoghurts, this soup wasn’t off-putting at all.

It’s important to note that the container does get hot in the microwave and there's lots of steam so be careful when removing it.

M&S Rich Beef Ragu

Glasgow Times: M&S Rich Beef RaguM&S Rich Beef Ragu

Price: £5.00

Although I’m a big fan of pasta dishes, Ragu isn’t normally one I’d turn to but having tried this M&S one, I’d be more than happy to eat it again.

It came in a box and all I needed to do was take the lid off and pop it in the oven for 20 minutes.

This was easy to heat with no mess and although it was tasty, for me the flavour could’ve been a bit stronger. The crispy topping was a fantastic touch!

If you’re someone that likes to make lunch a meal without the faff, the simple cooking instructions make this ideal.

M&S King Prawns with a Creamy Cocktail Sauce

Glasgow Times: M&S King Prawns with a Creamy Cocktail SauceM&S King Prawns with a Creamy Cocktail Sauce

Price: £2.75

These king prawns are a good size and you get plenty of them as well as the cocktail sauce it comes with, making them a great snack when you’re on the go.

I even had some of the dip left and that’s coming from a generous dipper!

M&S Porridge with Berry Compote (Vegetarian)

Glasgow Times: M&S Porridge with Berry Compote (Vegetarian)M&S Porridge with Berry Compote (Vegetarian)

Price: £2.30

This portion of porridge and the berry compote are both generous.

It was a slightly lumpy consistency after heating but I think porridge should have a certain amount of lumps in it to make it porridge!

While the berry compote wasn’t quite to my taste, I can imagine this breakfast option being ideal for others.

The porridge on its own was enough for me but each to their own!

M&S Our Best Ever Sausage Roll

Glasgow Times: M&S Our Best Ever Sausage RollM&S Our Best Ever Sausage Roll

Price: £3.10

The smell of fresh pastry wafted out of the packet when I first opened this sausage roll.

I often prefer my sausage rolls to be warm but this one cold hit the spot perfectly and would make a great addition to any picnic in Spring.

You can put this in the oven for 20 minutes or eat it as it comes.

Again, I wasn’t short of pastry or meat with this portion size.

M&S BLT Sandwich

Glasgow Times: M&S BLT SandwichM&S BLT Sandwich

Price: £3.65

A BLT is a classic when it comes to sandwiches but it’s not one I usually gravitate towards.

The sandwich was fresh and full of flavour with plenty of salad. It had a good ratio of meat and salad and makes for a tasty lunch option.

You can shop the M&S range in more than 2,500 Costa Coffee stores now.