MARTIN COMPSTON is set to travel around Scotland in a new television series. 

The Greenock born actor, 37, who lives in Las Vegas, will embark on a trip across his home country which will be captured by BBC camera crews.

The Line of Duty star will be accompanied by his friend and Gaelic television presenter, Phil MacHugh.

Martin Compston's Scottish Fling sees the friends visit cities, the countryside and meet a range of people from different backgrounds to truly celebrate Scottish life and culture. 

Martin said: "I've travelled all over the country for work and leisure - but this is the first time I'll be meeting real modern Scots on camera, sharing their thoughts and passions.

"We're excited to get stuck in, and to experience the best that Scotland has to offer in the 21st century."

Louise Thornton, Head of Commissioning, BBC Scotland said: “We are thrilled to be working with Martin Compston on this new series and to let viewers see another side to one of the country’s top acting talents as he and his friend Phil take a deep dive into contemporary Scotland.

"It is a really exciting project, developed by Tern TV and BBC Scotland, working in partnership with BBC Two as part of our ongoing commitment to more nations and network co-production.”

David Marshall, Head of Entertainment, Tern Television, said: “Marrying Britain’s top talent with their passions is a Tern sweet spot. Martin is royalty in Scotland and a passionate patriot, so who better to take viewers on an entertaining journey.

"But this series isn’t just a sedate tour of the familiar sites – it’s a visceral and experiential trip, contrasting hilarious moments and fascinating revelations with universal themes of identity, friendship and social good.”

Martin Compston's Scottish Fling will be shown on BBC Two and iPlayer.