Last week Majed Badrekhan, the owner of a small Kebab shop in Glasgow's city centre, travelled to London for a glitzy culinary award ceremony.

Little did he know he would come back with the top prize, naming Shawarma King as the Best Kebab House in Scotland.

When we speak with the Shawarma King team, Majed is hard at work keeping up with an influx of new customers who are desperate to get their own taste of the very best.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Shawarma King has been crowned the Best Kebab House in ScotlandPictured: Shawarma King has been crowned the Best Kebab House in Scotland

We instead chat with Elliott Summers, 21, the social media and marketing manager for the shop. He said: “It’s been absolutely insane since we won the award.

“We were always busy before, but this week it has just taken off like a rocket ship.

“We would usually close at midnight, this week we’ve sold out by around six.”

Even before bringing home the silverware, a huge number of Glaswegians were die-hard fans of Shawarma King.

Any internet forum asking for advice on cheap but high-quality eats or even vegan-friendly options has seen them receive hundreds of recommendations, stretching back to years before last week's award ceremony.

When we ask exactly what it is that makes their food so special, we soon start to understand the hype.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Meat for the Shawarma is goes through a 'deep marinating' processPictured: Meat for the Shawarma is goes through a 'deep marinating' process

Elliott said: “It’s all about freshness and high-quality ingredients for us.

“All of the naan bread is made from scratch every day for the wraps and the Shawarma is too.

“For the meat, they layer and marinate it deeply for a couple of days before putting it up.

“It takes around two hours to actually make the shawarma which they built up into a massive tower and then cut into shape.

“Even all of the sauces are made from scratch.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Wraps are made fresh dailyPictured: Wraps are made fresh daily

While it’s the taste of their lovingly prepared wraps and kebabs that keeps customers coming back for more, there’s undoubtedly an extra touch of magic created by Shawarma King’s unconventional city centre location.

Setting it even further apart from your usual soon-to-be-regretted post night out chippie kebab, the shop is found nestled away cosily beneath a railway bridge, not far from Kings Court.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Hidden Gem Shawarma King is tucked under a railway bridgePictured: Hidden Gem Shawarma King is tucked under a railway bridge

Aware of how this adds to the experience, Elliott said: “I think there’s something quite cool about the location, it’s unexpected.

“I’m not sure that people would think there was such a gem here, but that adds to the charm of it all.

“If anything, I think it’s a testament to how good it is, that people will go out of their way to find it."

For anyone who has yet to embark on their own voyage of discovery, we wonder what Elliott would recommend from a menu full of such big flavours.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The team say they have been busier than ever after winning the awardPictured: The team say they have been busier than ever after winning the award

He said: “Definitely just go for one of the shawarma wraps, lamb chicken or mixed.

“If you’re vegan there’s a falafel wrap as well which is really popular.

“That’s a family recipe which has been passed down through the family over the years and I think that shows.

“People want something that has time and effort put into it.

“Bringing the award home was a great thing for Glasgow as a whole because there’s a strong food scene. The city has so much to offer.

“It’s the people that make it that way though and without enjoying our food so much and encouraging us we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

“The owner Majed went to the awards ceremony himself and was absolutely over the moon to have won.

“We were up against such tough competition but so much hard work has gone into making the restaurant what it is.

With a hard-earned win, a new official title and busier than ever, we’re left wondering what the future holds for Glasgow’s beloved Shawarma King.

Glasgow Times: Pictured Left to Right: Aziz, Mogaq, Majed and HalwespPictured Left to Right: Aziz, Mogaq, Majed and Halwesp

Despite any definite answers being kept tightly under wraps, it seems there may be some exciting changes on the horizon for Majed and his team.

Elliott said: “There’s not a lot that I can say at the moment.

“Our plans are really just to keep our heads down and keep doing what we do well.

“But you never know, there might be some big announcements coming in the future…”

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