I was in the process of completing my Scotland’s Census 2022 form and was appalled when I came to the question, “Have you previously served in the UK Armed Forces”?

I had served in the Royal Engineers for two years, on National Service, but there is no box in the Census form for me to tick. The three choices are:
1. No
2. Yes, previously served in Regular Armed Forces 
3. Yes, previously served in Reserve Armed Forces

Approximately 2 million young men between the ages of 18 to 30 did two year’s National Service in the Armed Forces, in many parts of the world, between 1949 to 1963. Many of them lost their lives, including lads I had enlisted with. We were NOT Regular Servicemen.

I will not answer a questionnaire which does not give recognition to a generation of young men who were not Regular Servicemen. It is as if they are irrelevant.

This Census is an insult to them. 

Daniel Harris

Thank god for the Glasgow community. Every day I see posts on Facebook community groups about missing pets.

It warms my heart to see that people care so much about our little friends. It’s nice to see the animals finding their way back home because strangers take them in, feed them and share pictures. 

My daughter and her husband lost their dog Molly a few years ago and she made it home thanks to a lovely woman.

Well done Glasgow and keep going!

Mary C


I would like to commend again all key workers in Glasgow. Working during Covid has been recognised and appreciated by many.

Unfortunately, a lot of these workers are still working under extreme pressure due to staff shortages.

I can only speak on behalf of NHS staff. Although working through the pandemic was incredibly challenging, we continue to face challenges as a direct result. Our staffing levels are at an all-time low; they were fragile before Covid and this extra pressure has depleted levels further.

Many staff are exhausted and demoralised, struggling with increased workloads, unable to do their work the way they want to. This would appear to be the case throughout the NHS, not only in nursing.

So, I would ask you to continue to support the NHS by being considerate towards our staff if you have contact with them. To do whatever you can, really, to help maintain and show appreciation for this fantastic organisation, which belongs to us all.

Thanks again,
Susan Hay