TODAY readers were talking about the near £2 million spent on homeless hotels by the council and the danger of the council not repainting essential zebra crossings. Here’s a selection of comments...


The amount paid out is ridiculous. The council also has a duty to inspect the living conditions.

These places are usually disgusting, not fit for a dog.

Rose Smith


You're spot on there.

I work for Turning Point, drug and alcohol addiction services, been in there loads and it’s minging, dirty shambles.

Kieran Mcneill


What people are not understanding is that our UK Government is discriminate against its own people.

The evidence is there.

Even with the PIP and UC payments the UK Government is discriminating against disabled people. But no one speaks up.

Ronnie Mothersole


Why are these places allowed to earn so much cash from people’s misery?

And they’re not even monitored! 

All that money and people are still living in poverty.

Mary McMillan


I remember three years ago at Royston Road the council painted the road with new white lines and the week after they came and put new tar all over the new white lines, it’s all down to the council.

Robert Knox


The road markings all over the city have just about disappeared.

Dreadful state of disrepair.

Would appear that the city council simply aren’t bothering to replace them.

Alan Gibson


My sister has been waiting to get her disabled lines outside her house for about two years. Shocking, get your fingers out GCC.

Sarah McDonald


Not only the zebra crossing lines, but also the white lines separating the lanes for vehicles have faded on a lot of roads.
No idea what the council spends money on but it’s not for the benefit of our city.

Cecilia Angela Buhler


SNP and GCC have an agenda not to do anything to make roads safe to drive on or to cross.

They want to reduce the number of car owners and cars by 2030 so they think that doing no maintenance to roads will help that happen.

John Bones