READERS had their say after our article on Scotland’s pothole hotspot.

Are there any good roads or pavements? They are all a disaster.
Lynda Girvan

Too many to mention. Some are like craters.
Cecilia Angela Buhler

They will never fix everyone now it’s too far gone it’s a joke.
Steven Maxwell

The roads around St Rollox in Springburn are shocking.
Lisa Dunlop

You can see the wires in the potholes when you come off the M8 at Charing Cross. It’s a joke.

Liam Reilly

The roads will continue to be a riot if they keep on just patching up the roads.
So many roads need to be resurfaced.
Brian Martin

READERS shared their views on Glasgow bus services.

The No46 is the worst bus on the road. Half of the time it never turns up.
Susan McAvoy

Buses are disgraceful all day long. I agree with the No46 claim. It’s the worst bus service ever.
May Quinn

I hate that they stopped the No2 coming to Airdrie. I live in Coatbridge and most of my family are in Glasgow.
Christine Hamilton McQuillan

The worst service that Glasgow has ever had. Nearly as bad as the trains and the Subway.
John Bones

It’s time the bosses got out of their cars and travelled on their so-called SERVICE.
Arthur Watson

Buses are okay during the day but as soon as 6pm comes, they are a nightmare.
Berty Smith

Buses are just full of neds taking advantage of the free under-22 bus travel. No thanks. It’s not worth the hassle or abuse.
Tom Lee