HAVING a laugh 40mph... (Average speed cameras on M8 in Glasgow activated as 40mph limit in place, March 16). 
Motorways are 70mph at busy times, you only do 20mph through heavy traffic and roadworks.
Waste of money I say.

Barbara Edwards

NIGHTMARE at the best of times, 30/40 minutes to go from Hillington to Govan on a weekday afternoon evening, going to be even worse now.

David Yardley

GOOD, long time coming.
It’s like wacky races on the motorway (move over my car is bigger than yours).

Mary Smith

ASK bus drivers they will tell you the real truth (Firm hired under £650,000 contract to look at tackling Glasgow’s busy bus routes).
Firms are in it for the substantial money that’s all, people want to go from A to B without disruption. That will never happen in Glasgow.

Charles Docherty

WHAT a massive waste of taxpayers’ money.
If the councillors haven’t got the brains to know how to run our bus services they shouldn’t be in the jobs.
All these consultants do is the bare minimum.
Money for nothing – it’s hardly fecking rocket science...
Just run buses on time, in routes which are needed, at affordable prices.

Jill Ferguson

DOES this mean we have a wee mysterious fire to look forward to? (Glasgow councillors set to approve sale of old Haghill school for new homes).

Barry Adams

WHO let this building get into that condition, it wouldn’t be the council by any chance?
There seems to be so much of this going on in Glasgow, 
buildings being left to fall into disrepair and then demolished instead of being refurbished and repurposed.
This council seems hell-bent on ripping the heart and the history out of Glasgow.

Kenneth MacKinnon