I DON’T understand why some school sent a link and that is it, completely easy.
Not our school, we need passports, birth certificates and proof of address, come on! (Glasgow free bus pass scheme ‘too complicated’ as take up is poor, March 16). 

Heather Gibson

THEY should have automatically sent the new cards out to all existing and eligible young Scot cardholders.
Thank goodness there’s now an app they can use instead of all the faffing about applying for a card.

Susie Rodgers

MY kids’ school sent them home with the application letters and had all their details on it, all I had to do was sign the forms but that was a few weeks ago. Don’t know what’s happening...

Shannon Hamilton

A CITY nightmare. Kids running riot from all schemes in the city now. 
Travelling from all over for free.

Aaron Hornby

I HAVE been trying to get these for both my kids too and it’s been a total nightmare asking for proof of ID and no other way to do it if you don’t have a full passport or driving licence, so I gave up in the end.

Donna Ferry

MY disabled son who doesn’t have photo ID and struggles to take photos to meet criteria meant we abandoned it as it was so much hassle.

Andy Russell

APPLICATION process was very complicated.
It was a lot harder to get the bus pass than apply for a passport or driving licence.
We did eventually get it done and it came about two weeks later.

Zahada Safdar

MY son, aged 16, signed up weeks ago and it took ages, and it was a pretty complicated process.
However, they did send an email to say it was sent out on Friday and he still doesn’t have it yet.
But like the buses, it might turn up late or maybe not at all!

Ann Hyland

IT was a nightmare to sign up for, especially as my child’s passport had expired.

Karen Alexander

FOR us it was a long and complicated process with lots of ID requirements.
I had to do it three times as I have three children to then be 
told they all got rejected, no clue why.
Thankfully our school sent a link out which I filled in, waiting to hear back.

Christine Dempster