As of 4am on Friday, the Government’s remaining Covid travel measures were axed but that doesn’t mean taking a flight has completely returned to normal.

In an announcement last week, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said lifting the requirements would allow “greater freedom in time for Easter” to go abroad.

But while this means there is no longer a legal mandate for mask-wearing, certain airlines are still insisting upon them to travel on their planes.

So, if you are considering jetting off, here are the rules in place for each major airline.

TUI mask rules

TUI is saying while mask-wearing is no longer mandatory, it does still strongly recommend their passengers to do so.

They also warn that whether or not you’re required to wear a mask on a flight, the destination you are flying to may require you to wear a mask so make sure you are carrying some anyway.

They also add that everyone aged 12 and above, flying to or from Wales or Scotland, wears a mask throughout their journey, even if fully vaccinated.

easyJet mask rules

Less easy going when it comes to face masks, easyJet is continuing to request masks are worn at the airport, at the gate when boarding the aircraft, and throughout the flight, for everyone aged six and above, unless exempt.

It warns passengers not wearing a mask will not be able to board the aircraft.

Not only is mask-wearing still mandatory with easyJet, it’s also specified the mask should be “FFP2 (or equivalent) certified, surgical or cloth” adding scarves, face visors or masks with valves are not permitted.

Ryanair mask rules

Ryanair are similarly strict saying passengers must wear a face mask or covering in the airport and throughout the flight.

It also warns some countries require the face covering to be a surgical face mask and if you are travelling to, from or within Italy, Austria or Germany, it must be a FFP2 face mask.

British Airways mask rules

While British Airways acknowledges the legal requirement to wear a face covering has now been removed in England and Wales they do have an obligation to ensure passengers comply with restrictions in place at their destination too.

With this in mind, BA is asking customers to check this information before they fly.

Passengers will be required to wear a mask if the destination arriving at requires it. For destinations where mask-wearing is not mandated, the airline is leaving it up to personal choice.

Jet2 mask rules

Similar to TUI, Jet2 say while mask-wearing is no longer mandatory, it does still recommend passengers do so.

It adds that it is still a legal requirement for everyone aged six years and over to wear a face mask at Scottish airports and onboard planes travelling to and from those airports, even if fully vaccinated.

Jet2 also warns passengers will need to wear a mask when leaving the plane, inside the airport and onboard transfers to and from accommodation.

When it comes to the rules at your holiday destination, the airline recommends checking the FCDO website for more information.