A WORRIED householder has revealed she had to wear "layers" of clothing during the winter because she was so concerned about rising energy bills. 

Ying Lee, from Dennistoun, said she is constantly on edge about her gas and electric usage and feels she has to constantly monitor what she uses.

She said: "During the winter, that was bad, I had to wear layers and layers of clothes because I was scared to put the heating on."

Glasgow Times: Ying Lee from DennistounYing Lee from Dennistoun

Ying spends around £40-60 per week and tops up her pay as you go smart metre two or three times but feels the money runs down a lot faster than it had previously. 

She added: "I feel like I am always watching what I am doing. Even if it is just boiling a kettle or running a bath. The £20 barely lasts and then by the end of the week I feel like I'm having to top it up again.

"This could cause a lot of issues for people like anxiety because they are constantly having to watch their energy usage."

Glasgow Times: Ying Lee from Dennistoun Ying Lee from Dennistoun

Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the spring statement which had no clear plan to offset the "eye-watering" increases people across the city are set to face. 

In February, Mr Sunak announced a one-off payment of £200 to homes across the UK which would then be paid back in instalments of £40 over the next five years, but Ying does not think this is anywhere near enough. 

Glasgow Times: Ying Lee from DennistounYing Lee from Dennistoun

She said: "I'm not happy about taking loans from the government. They will just put us into more debt that we can't afford. They don't really give people a choice.

She also worries that people may be put off from applying for support with their bills due to the invasive questions they are asked. She added: "I applied for some of the grants and they ask lots of invasive personal questions that put me off. They asked me for evidence of my usage of gas and electricity."

Glasgow Times: Ying Lee from DennistounYing Lee from Dennistoun