Glaswegian Paul Crawford appeared on Dragons' Den on Thursday night. 

The plant-based cocktail creator went into the Den asking for £50,000 in exchange for 7% of his company.

Locals have been able to enjoy Vegan Panther M*lk for years at a secret bar in Mitchell Lane not to mention Bananamoon on Great Western Road too. 

Crawford, who owned Glasgow's iconic Sub Club at the time, discovered the recipe, which has roots in 1920s Spain, at a music festival in Barcelona.

He brought the idea back to Glasgow and created his own version of the Leche De Pantera.

The Dragons were divided with Sara Davies unsure about the taste and Steven Bartlett raising concerns over his marketing strategy.

However, the Den's sustainable investor Deborah Meaden was blown away by the cocktail company and made Paul an offer.

Meaden commented: "I think you are spot on...I think the name is great and I think this is very exciting."

She agreed to give the Vegan Panther M*lk the full amount but in exchange for 30% of the business.

Following a tense back-and-forth, they reached an agreement on 25% which was considerably more than Crawford originally wanted to give away.

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As the creator turned to leave the Den, Sara Davies said: "Mate she might just make you a millionaire."

Following his pitch, the Panther Milk founder described his experience as "an absolute rollercoaster" and while he gave away more of his company than he would have liked, he "liked Deborah's vibe."

Find out more about Panther M*lk and shop their products via their website.

Dragons' Den airs on Thursdays at 8pm on BBC One.