Glasgow’s biggest social landlord has helped tenants claw back over £6million in unclaimed benefits in the past year.

A team of 19 expert welfare benefits advisors t Wheatley Homes Glasgow is helping tenants claim all the welfare benefits and tax credits they’re entitled to.

Advisors can help with Universal Credit claims, make sure tenants are receiving their full benefit entitlement, as well as support to appeal decisions taken by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

They can also support tenants with other benefits, including those for older people, disabled people or carers.

Advisors can also help people apply to the Scottish Welfare Fund, a Scottish Government scheme which provides a safety net for those on low incomes, as well as Discretionary Housing Payments to help people struggling with their rent.

Welfare Benefits Advisors’ expert knowledge of what people are entitled to and how best to help tenants maximise their income is vital – and makes a real difference to struggling tenants.

It is estimated up to £15 billion of benefits go unclaimed in the UK every year.

Tenant Gillian Team, 42, from Knightswood, got help to move on to Universal Credit last year after splitting up with her partner.

Gillian said: “I spoke to my housing officer who put me in touch with the benefits advisor and he took care of everything. It was all new to me, I didn’t have a clue, but the advisor gave me really good advice.

“I felt more secure afterwards, knowing I could claim everything I was due.

“A lot of people, like me, might not be any good with computers or might not know what benefits they qualify for. They should get in touch.

“The help is there – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Bernadette Hewitt, Tenant Chair of Wheatley Homes Glasgow, said: “The benefits system can be difficult for people to navigate and our advisors can help tenants claim all the benefits and tax credits they’re entitled to.

“The reassurance we provide to people – that we care, that we’ll listen to them and act on their behalf – is often as important as the practical help we offer.

“Welfare benefits are a vital safety net for many people on low incomes. It’s important people don’t miss out.”

Wheatley’s ‘My Great Start’ service can help new tenants with money advice, including managing debt and help to budget.

Any tenant who needs support should contact their housing officer.