Brits have been urged to check their passports before booking a holiday amid confusion over a new passport rule.

As the country starts to return to normal life, people are making plans to jet off and travel more following the global coronavirus pandemic. According to The Guardian, searches for 2022 holidays were up 74 per cent from 2021 as Brits search for a bit of sun abroad.

How long do you need on your passport to travel?

Unfortunately, due to a new rule post Brexit, some holidaymakers have been stopped from boarding their flights.

Since the UK left the EU, new rules have come into effect relating to how many months you need left on your passport before it expires to travel.

As part of the EU, it was only required that UK passports were in date to travel.

Since Brexit, new rules mean UK citizens should have a passport with an expiry date “valid for at least three months after the day you plan to leave,” according to the government website.

Airlines offer conflicting advice to holidaymakers

Despite the new ruling, The Sun reports British airlines are sharing conflicting information with passengers.

On its website, EasyJet says: "For UK passport holders travelling to the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, please note that on your day of travel you'll need your passport to have at least 6 months left on it."

While Ryanair is asking passengers to have a passport valid for “at least six months from the date of arrival” with three months left leaving the country.

The conflicting information has left travelling Brits baffled as they took to social media in search of clarity.

One person asked Ryanair whether they would “be fine to travel as Ryanair says six months till expiration is required and http://GOV.UK website says three months”.

Ryanair responded:  "UK passport holders traveling into a Schengen country must make sure that the passport: is valid for at least three months from the date they will leave the country for at least six months from the date of arrival and it shouldn't be older than 10 years."

EasyJet responded to a similar query, by saying: "Some countries require that passports are valid for a minimum period beyond your trip, usually three or six months. We strongly advise that you check with your consulate/embassy to confirm which travel documentation will be accepted and what is required."