ON Monday, the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report set out what is needed to avert climate disaster.

Greenhouse gas emissions must peak before 2025 to avoid the worst outcomes of climate change. We must end our fossil-fuel reliance.

Our energy strategy has to protect us from climate breakdown, secure our energy future needs and lower our energy bills.

This involves an immediate halt to new oil and gas extraction and investment in clean, green energy sources. Renewable alternatives like solar, wind and battery storage can rapidly replace fossil fuels.

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Due to the volatile rising fossil fuel prices, as well as Putin’s fossil fuelled war in Ukraine and deadly air pollution, support for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions provides the most logical response to the climate crisis. This is also the answer to unaffordable energy bills, war and people’s health concerns.

Cities like Glasgow can lead the way on meaningful climate action. Financing cities to reduce our carbon emissions and build resilience to future climate shocks is vital. Climate promises and plans must be turned in to reality and action taken now.

We are on a pathway to a global temperature rise of more than double the 1.5C. Currently, there is far too much money still flowing towards fossil fuels and not to clean energy climate solutions. We need big shifts in finance to reinvest and put money in the right places to restrict global warming to a level that is survivable.

In the local council elections, by voting for your Scottish Green candidate, you can help bring that urgent change to Glasgow. A vote for the Scottish Greens is a vote that knows the climate is the biggest and most urgent challenge we face.

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Glasgow can be a genuinely global city and have excellent local services. We can lead in tackling the climate crisis whilst also improving the lives of everyone who lives and works here. The actions we take to restore nature and cut emissions can also end deep-seated inequalities and injustices.

We will push for investment to lower the carbon footprint from buildings and transport and massively increase our renewable energy capacity.

This can expand public and community-owned renewables including rooftop solar on council buildings and wind turbines on council land, and ensure that private investment in renewables delivers local economic and community benefits.

As a priority, the Scottish Green councillors will support a home upgrade programme. We require all new homes to meet Passivhaus or other net zero standards, be connected to the public transport system and city cycle network, and be built in areas that are not in flood-risk zones.

There has to be a scale-up of existing energy efficiency and green heat programmes, taking a cost-effective whole street approach, and support “people powered retrofits” based on co-operative principles to maximise local impact.

We can address embedded carbon in buildings with measures to reduce demolition and increase reuse of buildings.

With more Greens in the council, that positive difference will move Glasgow forward, to take the urgent and inseparable action needed for both climate and social justice.