WITNESSED the “deep clean of Glasgow city centre” today. A chap with a high-pressure hose blasting the expensive Caithness stone pavement slabs.

Needless to say, he was also blasting the grout out between them creating potentially wobbly slabs and a trip hazard.

When oh when is common sense to be applied in the City Chambers and stop the constant waste of money?

Bill Love, Mosspark

PERHAPS these charity groups have a point (Fundraiser launched to mark one year since Kenmure Street protest, Friday).

Only yesterday Priti Patel had to apologise for failing to help enough Ukrainian refugees access more than 200,000 humanitarian offers of help and support by the British public, despite repeated warnings by opposition parties this would happen under her leadership.

Clearly the Home Office has questions to answer in terms of its decision making and surely must be losing the trust of the great British public.

Is it fit for purpose under Patel?

James Hamilton

THERE was no dawn raid deportation as reported by the crowdfunder.

The two overstaying illegal Indian nationals had been collected by immigration officers with the legal papers to collect them from premises in Kenmure Street.

This had been achieved without protest from the two overstaying illegal Indian nationals. They were captured in the immigration vehicle on the street by the first members of the mob who prevented the van leaving by sitting in the road and lying underneath the vehicle.

The illegal protest was initially about the stand-off between the crowd and the immigration officers with more and more police arriving on the scene.

Had the police not arrived on the scene to protect the immigration officers trapped in their vehicle by the hostile mob, the verbal threat of a massive riot could have resulted with the immigration van being ripped apart and severe injury or worse to the immigration officers.

The crowdfunder is actually asking for money to celebrate law-breaking and the intimidation of legally appointed officers carrying out their legally appointed task.

Is this mob rule to be supported by our First Minister, MSPs and councillors without comment?

Andrew Jamieson