CAN I say to Sarah, you are correct to say to Mrs D who says she has the right not to vote that she will have no right to complain about any decisions made by elected members.

So I will say again, I wish to see an addition to the ballot paper where I can go in and vote but choose not to vote for any of them, but this will prove I have cast my vote.

Maybe we will get politicians who abide by the democratic will of the people when a referendum is held using the democratic process of our country, unlike the SNP who do not accept the democratic will of the people because it does not go their way, who in my opinion are away with the ferries, sorry I meant fairies, the ferries are not finished.

PS – Labour need to get their act together, ignoring the democratic process will not go well with lifelong Labour voters who voted to leave the European Union.

Jim Tees 


AS a committed supporter of independence I think the local council elections have little if anything to do with independence. 

Given that the SNP may not even be elected to government in a newly independent Scotland (that will be a decision for the Scottish people at the first and subsequent general elections) then their record in government is not relevant to the independence issue. 

For the most part their only job is to secure the referendum and we will do the rest. In fact, given the way in which separation negotiations can drag out, as we saw with Brexit, it is not even clear that the SNP will be involved much in those negotiations. 

The council election is a vote on how well you think the current government have performed on legislation affecting local councils and how well your local councillor has implemented that legislation, nothing more.

Steven McGill


I WOULD like to know where this new machine for fixing potholes properly has gone because the council have just put three tar pancakes of differing sizes on our roundabout (Castlemilk/Croftfoot) which is one of the busiest in Glasgow.  

It was done yesterday and it has already started to come out. They had already pancaked it a few months ago and the same thing happened. Scottish Water do a proper job when they are finished so why can’t Glasgow City Council? 

And about the People’s Palace, we went there a few weeks back. No cafe and the whole upstairs was closed because one painting had to be taken away to get something done to it. But never mind, let’s all go to the Burrell, no expense spared there.

Jim McGregor