HAVING just watched Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens leader and bed fellow of the SNP, being interviewed on the television, how could anybody justify a vote for her? 

I obviously don’t know her personally and don’t wish her any ill will but as a politician who looks at the camera and not her interviewer when not answering any of the questions put to her, surely does not merit any support in any election?

Wake up Scottish electorate. 



THE city centre has become a nightmare experience. 

Last night myself and a young couple walking nearby were almost hit by a bottle thrown by some faceless idiot on Argyle Street. Walking around to St Enoch Square there were dozens of young people congregating, some engaging in intimidating behaviour. 

Three police vans along with an ambulance were in attendance on the square dealing with another incident. This was only 5.30pm at night. 

Goodness knows what the mayhem would be like later on. Pity the residents and the tourists visiting. 

What an advert for Glasgow the Friendly City! 

The council and police need to up their game to introduce peace and calm and make the city centre welcoming to all.

Bill Love


IT didn’t take long for the petrol stations to ease up the prices after the five pence reduction from the budget. 

I’ve only got to the end of my full tank at the cheaper price and noticed yesterday it’s back up. 

Stephen Ward 


WHAT’S the point of fining the PM and fellow travellers, many of whom are multi-millionaires, with a fine that was devised to inflict pain and a financial penalty on ordinary, working people? 

They will see it as some kind of joke payment.

John G Phimister