A brave mum brought just one twin home from hospital after having to turn off her baby girl's life support.

Kirsty Black had the bittersweet moment of bringing home tiny tot, Ayla, with her partner, Kevin Allan, 34, after they tragically lost little Ava.

The 23-year-old went into labour with her twins at 25 weeks after suffering sudden intense pains at home.

Glasgow Times: Kirsty and partner Kevin in hospital with AvaKirsty and partner Kevin in hospital with Ava

She was rushed to University Hospital Wishaw for an emergency C section before giving birth to the girls on the 28th of December 2021.

Sadly tiny Ava, who weighed just one pound and 11 ounces, suffered a severe brain bleed and had her heart stop for 12 minutes at birth due to a lack of oxygen.

Devastated Kirsty had to make the painful decision to ‘let her go’ at just five days old as she became ‘completely brain damaged’.

Ava then passed away at 1am on New Year's day in her heartbroken mothers arms.

Ayla, who weighed just 1 pound and 10 ounces, also suffered a brain bleed which was thankfully more ‘mild’ allowing her to ‘defy all the odds’ and go home to Carluke 93 days later.

Now the first time mum has vowed to ‘stay strong’ for her surviving baby, who is now more than 7 pounds and battling chronic lung disease.

Glasgow Times: Kirsty is staying strong for little Ayla Kirsty is staying strong for little Ayla

Kirsty said: “I held Ava in my arms while they turned her machines off which I found really confronting.

“It was best to take her off all the machines and let her slip away, they said it could be quick or she could hold on for a few hours.

“I felt she took her last wee breath just after midnight as I was telling her to hold on, I didn’t want her anniversary being on New Year’s Day but she was pronounced just after 1am.

“We knew we had to be strong for Ayla and not lose hope, the nurses were a great support and made sure she was coming home.

“I don’t know where I’ve found the strength.

“Ayla defeated all the odds and luckily only had a little bleed in her brain but it recovered.

“We are lucky that throughout her journey she has done extremely well and was very strong considering she was born 15 weeks early.”

Glasgow Times: Kirsty is at home with baby Ayla nowKirsty is at home with baby Ayla now

Kirsty is now praising the incredible NHS team working in the Wishaw Neonatal unit who made her feel supported during this difficult time.

She hopes to raise money for their department so they can continue providing ‘outstanding’ care for families like her own.



She said: “It was a very very long journey in the neonatal but the staff made us feel safe when we lost Ava.

“I’ve never felt more supported by all the nurses and doctors, they looked after our girls like they where there own and I will be forever grateful for an amazing team.

“Some days were harder than others as it’s a terrifying experience you don’t know what you are going to expect the next day you just had to have hope.

“We are also holding a race night to raise awareness for the outstanding job they do daily, not only for my babies but for all the other babies and families that experience the neonatal.

“It’s just a little something back to say thank you although nothing would ever be enough to thank them for everything.”