IF Akshata Murthy thinks she’s escaped her tax worries, simply because she’s finally decided to pay her tax, she’s got another thing coming.

She should be taxed on all the years she’s evaded previously.

It’s about time the super-rich paid their fair share, just like all the ordinary people who aren’t married to multi-millionaire politicians.

Stephen McCarthy


I CAN understand how families feel when they see Covid rules being broken as our family has been in that position. 

But I feel that it is hypocritical of people to say someone should be sacked when hundreds of thousands of people were having house parties during the last lockdown. 

And they are still breaking the law in Scotland by refusing to wear face masks on public transport. Including Nicola Sturgeon who has broken the law a few times by not wearing a mask at private gatherings, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

WM McCarron


IT is striking to note the spurious argument that because there is war in Ukraine this means that the Prime Minister should remain in office and not be replaced. 

This is a man who has broken the law, the first Prime Minister in office to do this, as well as lying to Parliament. History highlights that on numerous occasions we have replaced the prime minister in wars we have been directly involved in.

For instance, in May 1940 Neville Chamberlain resigned after the failure of British efforts to liberate Norway. In December 1916, at the height of the First World War, Lloyd George replaced Herbert Asquith. More recently, Mrs Thatcher resigned in November 1990, with Iraq invading Kuwait in August of that year, which led to the Gulf War.

Add to this, changes to prime ministers during the war in Afghanistan, the Second Boer War, the Second Opium War and the Crimean War, changing a prime minister in a time of conflict is clearly not unprecedented.

Those who make the law cannot be seen to be breaking the law and it is scarcely credible that Mr Johnson, who has now lost the final fragments of any moral authority he did have, can carry the confidence of the country and remain in office.

Alex Orr