A WORRIED community worker has revealed supplies at a vital community hub are at an all time low as the cost of living crisis bites.

Helen Carroll from Springburn Community Hub said she can't remember a time in her life when the financial situation facing people was "this bad."

The facility operates a community fridge on a Wednesday and a Friday where food items are given to people in need.

Glasgow Times: Volunteers give out food supplies to service users.Volunteers give out food supplies to service users.

Yesterday, the Glasgow Times visited the hub and spoke with volunteers and users as part of our Beat The Squeeze coverage.

Helen said: "It's been incredibly difficult here. We stepped out of post-covid but no sooner had we come out of that, we've stepped into another.

"There's mental health issues that are really at a critical point.

"People are despondent. Folk are terrified and we don't know what's coming.

Glasgow Times:

She was previously a universal credit claimant and has lived experience of the issues people are facing. She added: "I was universal credit. I lived on the foodbank.

"Folk are living on practically nothing. We can help where we can but as you can see, it's only a small amount."

When the Glasgow Times visited yesterday, the queue was out the door in Springburn Community Centre and the volunteers in the hub fear the lines will only get longer in the coming months. 

Glasgow Times:

Volunteers say they are struggling to access funding and support to make sure there is enough food. Helen is finding doors are being closed. She said: "Funders are beginning to stop funding foodbanks. That's what I cannot get. 

"They say we are focusing on recovery, but we're not at that point yet.

"We're scrambling to get the support in place."

Helen revealed that there was previously 50 volunteers but she now struggles to recruit any.

Glasgow Times:

"Food just now is very tight. We are at the lowest point we have been at in a long time.

"People are all in need and it's just little things to get by.

"They will take a tin of this, a tin of that and a box of cereal to get them through when the grandkids visit. That shouldn't be happening. They've worked all her days.

"I don't remember in my life time, it ever being like this.

"It's one thing with Covid then the mental health and the crisis of fuel sjyrocketing. There's less money in the community, less support. There's so many issues impacting people.

Helen added: "How many times can a person take a hit? That's the thing.

"People are exhausted.

"I thought we'd be past this stage. When we opened up in March 2020, that was fire fighting.

"At times it feels like we're shouting and no one is listening." 

"Priorities from our politicians right now are stinking. The elections are coming up. Where is everybody?"