THIS morning I will be joined by Labour colleagues and candidates at the launch of Glasgow Labour’s manifesto for the council elections. In three weeks’ time, the people of Glasgow will have a choice about the future of our city as they head into the polling booth. 

They can choose more of the same. A tin-ear SNP administration, who remain adamant that there are no problems under their watch, when the problems are obvious for all who care to see. 

Or they can opt for change with Labour. 

Instead of the vacuous spin from the SNP, there will be a real focus on delivery from Labour. 

Instead of filthy streets, missed bin collections or closed community centres with the SNP; there will be cleaned streets, collected bins and community centres re-opened all across the city with Labour. 

And that is not all. 

Where the SNP and Greens decided to cut the Affordable Warmth Payment for the over-80s, Glasgow Labour will restore it. 

Where the SNP, Greens and Tories voted against plans to put money into the pockets of families by increasing the School Clothing Grant, Glasgow Labour will deliver it. 

And where the SNP deny that there are any problems with litter and rubbish in Glasgow’s communities, Glasgow Labour will create 250 new jobs dedicated to cleaning our streets. 

And that will be on top of the 400 training and employment opportunities we will create to help people back into work, and to help meet the greatest challenge of our times by helping to deliver green interventions right across the city. 

On the topic of climate change. It is a challenge that faces all of us, and we are determined that the transition to net zero is one that leads to improvements in living standards and opportunities for everyone. 

That’s why Glasgow Labour will seek to bring our bus services into public control, with capped fares and integrated tickets. To make getting around our city better, cheaper and more accessible for everyone. 

And we will not pursue the Workplace Parking Levy – which the SNP are determined to impose on hard-pressed workers, despite being in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. 

Because Labour is laser-focused on what we can do to improve the lives of Glaswegians here and now. 

Five years ago, the SNP promised the earth and failed to deliver. 

In three weeks’ time, there is only one party on the ballot paper that can replace the SNP and get Glasgow back on its feet. 

Under this SNP administration, for the first time ever, a majority of people believe that the council is too remote and impersonal. And more than 40% now actively do not trust the council. 

Given the attitude and proclamations of the SNP and its council leadership – Susan Aitken – this is not a surprise. When libraries were shuttered, communities were told not to worry. They weren’t closed, they merely were not open. 

When rats were biting members of staff and invading homes, parliamentarians were told it was Margaret Thatcher’s fault. These last five years under the SNP have been wasted years. The reputation of our great city has declined both with our own citizens and with visitors and commentators.

I love Glasgow. It deserves so much better than this. 

That’s why, on May 5, I invite you to join me in voting Glasgow Labour.